Saturday, August 23, 2014

Body Pod

We have a hammock chair on the front porch, and when the girls remember it, they find it very soothing.  They swing, all snuggled in there and muffle themselves from all the things pressing in on them any given day.  Both girls (very different girls) use it this way.  I was looking at Yogapeutics' site, blogs and aerial yoga hammocks in terms of similar thought (future Christmas gift?).  I like the idea of aerial yoga for more movement in our lives in general.  The only place I can imagine it going would be right in the middle of our reading room where we can easily shuffle rocking chairs to the side.

A more affordable and different item that we currently await through the mail is called a body pod.  I think it could be just plain fun, but it's soothing.  So are some of the other things we like to keep around like the chair on the porch, a bean bag in the reading room, rocking chairs and the curvy board which is soothing in it's rocking motion.

Kids are so overstimulated these days, and if our kids have any "extra" sensitivity, we really need to find ways to help them process and to find calm.  Some people even use a weighted blanket for sleep.  I think Eric and I have a similar desire given our down comforter and down blanket on top of us when we sleep.  It does cocoon us in many ways.

So we ordered a blue body pod.  It'll be like swaddling our bigger kids in a way, but it could also be a really fun rollicking time.

Body Pod Sensory Sock (7-Sizes) Medium Royal Blue
Update: now we have to order another one.  They both like to just be in it whether they're moving around or just chilling.

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