Sunday, September 7, 2014

Michaelmas Preparation: Shooting Stars

We were really taken with the wet-felted shooting stars we've seen in past years that some Waldorf families make for Michaelmas, so we made our own.  Rather than dye the wool roving this time, we purchased some with a few pertinent colors in it.  We thankfully had some ribbon that would do the trick of tails.

Eleni is already having fun throwing them to be our shooting/falling stars.  That wool really does feel fantastic.  There are other examples of ways to do these stars like here and here.  I think besides doing some dragon bread, this year we'll also dye some capes of light.

We did some purple liquid watercolors in honor of Michaelmas daisies (and blackberries, for that matter) given the season/stories for Michaelmas.  The verse is one we found that generalizes courage for our theme etc. rather than having to focus on slaying an actual dragon.  We do talk about those stories, but the central point for us is courage.

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