Saturday, December 20, 2014

More herbal preparations

 I decided to work with elderberry a bit more, and I ended up with a simple elderberry syrup and an oxymel (that also includes ginger and elecampagne) that's doing it's soaking magic.  Oxymels are distinguished by their mix of apple cider vinegar (just the good stuff like Braggs) and honey (just the good stuff like raw, local).
 Above is the chai mixture I made from a bunch of different herbs like your typical chai spices but also burdock root.  It was simmered with astragalus and reishi mushroom.  (I made a bulk amount of the original base spice set so I can do it more quickly next time.)  All I do is heat this concentrate with some almond milk and add some honey.
 I have here some elecampagne honey (lungs, cough) and rose/sage honey (throat).  You can see the old fire cider above before I strained it, and below is the ready-to-slurp form before I added honey.  I have gone through some honey today!  I'm glad I tend to get a lot.  I've probably used a quart and a half today.  Fire cider is often a preventative (like an oxymel), but it's also good with a cough (like that oxymel!).

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