Friday, December 26, 2014

Some recent reading

In preparation for Christmas, I decided to read a bit about simplifying.  Hundred Dollar Holiday by Bill McKibben was very interesting in terms of Christmas history.  He's an environmentalist, but the book doesn't do much with that aspect of the downsides of our excess.  He worked within the United Methodist Church on this "campaign" so it had spiritual roots.  I really enjoyed the short read, and it was a great encouragement to focus on the important things.
Then I checked out Simplify Your Christmas by Elaine St. James.  She has some other books on simplifying life so I already knew she had an edge.  She included interesting traditions (even around Winter) so I enjoyed it.  It was also a short read.
I've seen some hype about the Bulletproof Executive (Dave Asprey) so I read his book called The Bulletproof Diet.  It's very interesting in that it comes from the biohacking world.  He spent a lot of his own money applying research, trying things out etc. and losing a lot of weight in the process.  He's a Silicon Valley guy, and I think his perspective is worth a look.  I think I might try his 14 day process approach soon just to see if it agrees with my body and really does jump start brain power and loose extra pounds.  (I've gained a few so I guess that'll be good timing?)

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