Sunday, January 18, 2015


I just finished Alan Watts' The Wisdom of Insecurity.  All I can say is, "wow."  I couldn't read it too fast or all at once--lots and lots to chew on here.  He was such well-studied man--once an Episcopal Priest, well versed in science and also Asian religions and traditions.  He gives me always so much to think about in the weekly podcast I subscribe to for free on iTunes.

Another book I read off and on is The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry.  I read mostly his prose, and he has such a simple yet poignant way of helping us see our madness of destroying the earth.  He's a Kentucky farmer as well as a gifted writer.  This cross-section of poetry spanning a good long while brings me back on cold, quiet evenings.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hands Free Mama

I enjoyed Hands Free Mama because it was a different take on a lot of wise priorities as personal narrative.  I actually prefer a better blend of research/why kind of information and personal stories, but her stories are still very illustrative.  If I had to pick a bone, I'd say that she gets more emotional (on purpose it seems--designed to pull your heartstrings to wake you up I think) than I enjoy.  (I don't like being manipulated even though I appreciate her reasons.)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: Looking Back on Reading and Learning

Home Grown-Ben Hewitt
The Bulletproof Diet-Dave Asprey
Learning to Walk in the Dark-Barbara Brown Taylor
Hundred Dollar Holiday-Bill McKibbon
Simplify Your Christmas-Elaine St. James
Moon Time-Lucy Pearce
Mrs. Sharpe’s Traditions-Sarah Ban Breathnach
Faith Unraveled-Rachel Held Evans
Unschooling Rules-Clark Aldrich
Two Thousand Kisses a Day-LR Knost
Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves-Naomi Aldort
Artful Parent-Jean Van't Hul
Hold onto Your Kids (twice)-Gordon Neufeld
Simplicity Parenting (third read)-Kim John Payne
Teach Like a Pirate-Dave Burgess
The Simple Living Handbook-Lorilee Lippincott
Breathing Room-Rosenfeld and Green
The Wisdom Way of Knowing-Cynthia Bourgealt
Navigating the Terrain of Childhood-Jack Petrash
Earthing-Clinton Ober
The Myth of the Spoiled Child-Alfie Kohn
Falling Upward: a Spirituality of the Two Halves of Life-Richard Rohr
Eat, Taste, Heal: an Ayurvedic Guidebook and Cookbook for Modern Living-Thomas Yarema (et al.)
Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids-Laura Markham
Staying Healthy with the Seasons-Elson M. Haas
The Gifts of Imperfection-Brené Brown

Simplicity Parenting Coach Training (Kim John Payne, Davina Muse)
Transformative Parenting (Todd Sarner)
Making Sense of Discipline (Neufeld Insititue)
Power to Parent 1: The Vital Connection (Neufeld Institute)
Herbal Cold Care (Learning Herbs, Rosalee LaForet)
Hibernate 2014 (Beauty that Moves)

Cosmic Christ (Richard Rohr)
Hierarchy of Truths (RR)
Enneagram/Spiritual Tools (RR, Russ Hudson)
Making Sense of Preschoolers (Gordon Neufeld)
Making Sense of Anxiety in Children (GN)
Alpha Children (GN)
Raising Children in a Digital World (GN)
Helping Children Flourish (GN)
Cultivating Caring Children (GN)
Counterwill in Children (GN)
Heart Matters: What to Do with a Child’s Feelings (GN)
How to Keep Children Safe in a Wounding World (GN)