Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Courses of Late

One course I've been working with from HerbMentor is "Learning Your Plants."  I've completed the module that teaches base-line identifying techniques, and soon I'll start actually working with families of plants.  I'm doing Minds Eye Journaling that they teach (Jon Young and John Gallagher), and I'm using Thomas J. Elpel's Botany in a Day (along with the USDA's plant site and other internet resources).  (I might check out Newcomb's Wildflower Guide.)

Another course I start just this week is Power to Parent II: Helping a Child Grow Up.  So very excited by any and every class I take with Neufeld Institute.  (I did Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection this Fall.)  I won't be able to participate with our Adobe Connect classes directly since I'm at work during those times, but I'll still work in the Forum and view the "classes" after the fact.  All the facilitators and faculty are wonderfully supportive!  They answer questions in such detail and with such care.

I did a shorter "seminar," if you will, recently as I started this course called "Making Sense of Play."  Like so many of his courses and seminars, it's revolutionary stuff.  To help our children have freedom to really engage in play is the recipe for development.  It had good reminders about fulfilling attachment hunger (very similar to food needs).  I'll do one on "Resilience" later in the course too.

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