Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Food as Medicine

I recently joined HerbMentor to take courses and just learn more about the plants I use and enjoy etc.  I had no idea how many classes they have already there to meander through at your own pace.  There's a brand new one called "Five Phases" which looks at the Traditional Chinese system of five phases/elements/seasons.  In my health, I'm always looking to be more harmonious with what's around me.  I made a little head way also in "Learning Your Plants" since I've always wanted to do better with plant identification.

One course I just finished is "Food as Medicine" taught by Todd Caldecott.  He has a book by the same name and a course of his own that is more intensive (which I might take one of these days).  I was mainly attracted to the content since the focus is Ayurveda.  I read some on that topic here and there and find it very interesting.  I'm attracted to that knowledge for the same reason as TCM ideas--there's always this cyclical nature to find and honor.  In the course, there are areas I want to explore more so I have ordered the book.

Particularly, the notion of food combining is something to try to improve digestion.  Even with all the wonderful naturopathic interventions I've done, I still have trouble with digestive stuff.  It's not anything like what it used to be, but even today I'm home from work because of it.  Caldecott's perspective is interesting to me also since he's a practicing herbalist with lots of background/certifications (Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, TCM), and still his number one recommendations are diet-related.  He also relies on his own and his patients' experiences for understanding.  He is sensitive to gluten and dairy also.

I got an expensive cleanse kit from Standard Process that will be a 21 day venture soon just because we're coming on Spring.  But after that, once I've read the book carefully, I'll try his recommendations as regards food combining, dosha, amounts/meals etc.  What I enjoyed in that little intro course was that he explained things in the simple, Ayurvedic, conceptual ways but also in the chemical and metabolic ways (at least in terms of macronutrients).

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