Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Art of Home Herbalism and props to some others!

Another class, I know.  But this one looks so stellar and spreads out through November so I can really flesh it out and try recipes.  It's called The Art of Home Herbalism, and it's from Thyme Herbal (Brittany Nickerson).  The teacher is connected to sources I recognize and respect like Western Herbalism, TCM and Ayurveda as well as teachers I recognize.  She's also very interested in food as medicine and utilizes Weston A. Price ideas.  All good stuff.  There's a real sense of connectedness to seasons/cycles in her work which is important to me.  (Just look at her medicine wheel graphic to see that.)  I'm excited to try her recipes and learn the info.

We have to read a couple of books in the process.  I already have/use Bottany in a Day (Thomas Elpel) and Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health (Rosemary Gladstar), but I had to horder David Hoffmann's Holistic Herbal.  Besides all the work on our own, monthly we'll do a webinar chat time to handle questions etc.

As an aside, I did purchase 7Song's Herbal First Aid course even though I won't have time to go through it now.  It's only available for a week, and they won't ever offer it again.  So I decided that having a rather adventurous second-born indicates a good herbal first aid course.  I've already learned a few things from the videos they published to entice us.  7Song is a very thorough teacher by all accounts.  (Plus, as an Herb Mentor member, I get a discount!)

I just can't say enough about John Gallagher's programs (and his family along with Rosalee de la Foret) Learning Herbs and Herb Mentor.  Every thing I have ever purchased, do or learn from them has been SUPER.  I started with an Herbal Remedy Kit waaaaaaay back in the day.   That was gold since I got to really get my feet wet and do things as I learned.  I got excited about ways to get the girls involved and got/play Wildcraft (board game) and the Herb Fairies books/program.  This fall, as I mentioned in the blog before, I did their "Herbal Cold Care" course and have made many remedies.

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