Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines 2015

So we had a wonderful date!  We saw Wicked which was so lovely!  (I loved the book so I've been waiting to see the musical a long time!)

 We were up in the second balcony.
 Harvest Habersham was incredible, wow!  It measured up to a Broadway Musical for sure.

At Harvest Habersham, I started with "Strawberry Sweathearts - Francois Montand Sparkling from France with a kiss of Fraise des Bois strawberry liqueur - tastes just like the wild strawberries in the Pyrenees!"  (They weren't kidding--was an AWESOME drink, and I usually don't drink.)  I had a kale/bacon/skillet fries/mushroom salad that really should have been pictured and eaten on its own.  It was an amazing meal all to itself.  But I did eat most of my scallops, hominey, mint, citrus, celery etc.  Everything we eat there is positively inspired!  If you know the story of Babette's Feast, they meet that criteria!

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