Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I just read WomanCode--quite a huge reference for all kinds of issues that plague women!  I found it super thoughtful especially as regards integrating Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She has instructive insights into all the hormones at play, how blood sugar plays a roll, adrenal issues etc.  She also has specific dietary and exercise recommendations for all four phases of our cycles.  An herbalist friend of mine recommended it, and I'm very interested in eating appropriately for the hormones at play.  Some of it is at odds with what I'm learning from that Ayurveda teacher of Food as Medicine, but we use what we can use.

She also has herbal recommendations for various situations along with supplements.  In addition, she gives you ingredients to look for in our typical beauty products so we have a clearer idea of what to avoid (mainly xenoestrogens--Eric and I have been reading about the effects of all these plasticizing agents for a while).

I also decided to hold off on the cleanse until closer to Spring.  I was inspired by this book to focus on my basic blood sugar for a while.  (I do tend to get headaches along with some other symptoms of this sort of disarray.)

I just started Sabbath as Resistance.  (Our Sunday School class will be reading this as Lent starts.  I haven't been too good about attending said Sunday School class, but I usually still read along even though sleeping in on Sunday is my modus operandi.)  I do so love the idea of having more fuel for my "slow down!" fire.  One of the coolest things he has already done as I've read is to equate our materialistic/productivity-obsessed culture to Pharaoh and the gods "preceding" YHWH (Exodus).

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