Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mark Gungor: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

I stumbled onto Mark Gungor's work/ministry for couples during some educational work that the amazing Ruby Payne presented at an ESOL conference I went to last week.  In her presentation, we were looking in depth at male brains vs. female brains to look at how the school system basically sets boys up for all kinds of maladies.  In any case, every teacher in the room was laughing to tears with this little clip of his that she showed:
In all honesty, just find Ruby Payne's work to find insights like these and tons of humor.  Her four hour session with us passed in minutes!   I was showing Eric this little blurb above about brains, and we both enjoyed it enough to check out his other parts of this seminar.  Wonderful stuff!  I'm not saying I agree with absolutely everything, but I agreed with most of it.  It's like Ruby Payne says with regard to the gender questions--there are patterns that don't have to become stereotypes.  Here below is the whole hunk of a seminar.
It's worth looking into his material.  I might read a book or so.  I did his little $15 flag page stuff, and it was right on! :)

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