Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wraps and Green Sauce

As a gluten-dairy free gal, I've had to think outside-the-wrap a bit.  Some people I know use different greens as big leaves and lettuces.  I haven't worked too much in that realm yet.  (It's coming--I can picture flavored rice and Korean beef or something.)

For now, I order coconut wraps from amazon and do a lot with hummus.  One I like to do has:

-romaine or spinach
-artichoke hearts
-some kind of olive
-roasted red peppers
-sauteed onions (caramelized maybe)
-raw veggies I happen to have around

Today, with the help of what was in my CSA bag this week, I mixed it up a little:

-green sauce (my version)*
-Forellenschluss Lettuce (a speckled Austrian variety)
-black olives
-artichoke hearts
-cucumbers (that have been hanging out in rice vinegar)

It was wonderful!!!!

*I have to give some major props to Mia Moran of Stay Basic.  She has some great recipes available free as a three-day set up she has as a gift on her website.

My version of her green sauce is as follows:
-bunch of cilantro
-half a bunch of green onions
-one jalapeno (seeded)
-2-3 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
-good pinch of Celtic sea salt
-juice of 2 limes

I made some guacamole this week but just adding the green sauce to avocado.  So very yummy.  Even Eric liked it drizzled on our taco bar stuff this week.