Friday, July 24, 2015


 First we collected full blossoms and "almost there" buds and leaves (the youngest) to tincture this Echinacea we have been growing.
 I had some good help with those leaves.  We have to cut and tear everything up so the vodka can extract as much as possible.  I use Smirnoff since it's from corn and won't aggravate any gluten issues.
 Here we are six weeks later--strained and bottled.  I still need more droppers, but we're off to a good start.  Next will come the labels.  Those are fun and take a little thought.  I think for Christmas, these will be part of our homemade gifts.  Vanilla is ready (but not yet bottled/labelled).  We are also currently extracting our Yarrow.  I think later in my herbal course, I'll be learning more things like lotions and salves.  We already planned some lip balm so this should be fun.  (For the lotions and salves, I have been extracting via alcohol and olive oil various herbs that are good for the skin.  A lot messier to strain!)
Another idea was to make some herbal ghee, but I think I have less confidence in that seeming "normal" than some of these other things.

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