Thursday, July 16, 2015

More Neufeld Courses

I finished the Power to Parent series with Class 3: Common Challenges.  What a huge blessing it was!  Our instructor, Darlene Denis-Friske, was magic--she should write a book herself!  I found myself going back and listening to the recordings again so I could hear the examples and almost script my own thoughts for those difficult moments!  If I were going to pick a mentor in this field, it'd be her!

I'm going to do one course this Fall--I could do two, but that might be too much for me.  We'll have to weigh it out!

Heart Matters is the newest course and one that matters so very much to me.  Trying to understand how we work the way we do is always at the heart of helping the girls.  Even just getting the video course might be worth it?

And then there is the Adolescence course which might make the most sense for me to be next (since those are the people I work with every day!)

I contemplated the Intensive, but I don't need that this Fall.  I'm putting it here to keep it present in my mind, but we'll see if I do it in the next year or so.  It'd be brilliant, but my goals are so local.  (It's more geared towards people on a track for doing this work professionally; whereas, I'm a mom and teacher who just wants to keep growing.  It might help me keep growing in the next few years?)

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