Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Fear Cure

This book was pretty good, but I don't know if it's a necessary read.  Some of its insights are strong though.  The fear we hold as day-to-day anxiety especially gives us insight into what to work on personally.  If you don't understand fear or the body's long-term dealings with the Stress Response etc., I recommend this one.  It's really a book about transforming our fears.

If you really want to imagine life differently, there are some interesting people working in the fields of brain development and natural healing.  One is Dr. Joe Dispenza, and he has a few books (which are good).  He also has an intensive workshop, CDs--all sorts of resources.  You might recognize him from What the Bleep Do We Know?.  He is of the opinion that Science is the "new" language of Mysticism and is very accessible for people who are rationally-driven.

I recently mentioned the book The Emotion Code, and I've been working with the ideas there from Dr. Brad Nelson.  I think it will take a while to work through the layers of what's there, but I'm hopeful that it's boosting my body's ability to heal itself.  I also worked with a Reflexologist (and Emotion Code practitioner) who found imbalances health-wise just by dealing with my feet!  (You might be wondering why in the world I'm working with such varied stuff--the Gastro guy can't find the answer to my digestive troubles even after colonoscopy, CT scan etc. so I'm leaving no stone unturned!)

I've previewed The Body Code (also Dr. Brad Nelson) and would like to work with it.  If you have reservations about this "out there" stuff because of your faith, he and his family are very devoted Christians who acknowledge and look to God at every turn for help.  They've seen and been part of remarkable turn-arounds in health for the last 17 years.

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