Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Learning

I'm thankful for the following:

  • The Danish Way of Parenting (Jessica Alexander and Iben Sandhal)
  • Living Well, Spending Less (Ruth Soukup)
  • Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture of Now (Walter Brueggemann)
  • The Fear Cure (Lissa Rankin)
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo)
  • The Soul of Discipline (Kim John Payne)
  • Goddesses Never Age (Christiane Northrup)
  • Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (David Allen)
  • The Emotion Code (Bradley Nelson)
  • Coyote Medicine (Lewis Mehl-Madrona)
  • Healing Wise (Susun Weed)
  • The Path of Practice: A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing (Maya Tiwari)
  • Woman Code (Alisa Vitti)
  • Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest (Dan Buettner)
  • The Wisdom of Insecurity (Alan Watts)
  • The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry
  • Hands Free Mama (Rachel Macy Stafford)

  • Making Sense of Adolescence (Neufeld Institute)
  • Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion (Neufeld Institute)
  • Art of Home Herbalism (Thyme Herbal)
  • Whole Food Freezer Cooking (Heather Bruggeman)
  • The Five Phases from TCM (Larken Bunce)
  • Helping a Child Grow Up (Power to Parent II-Neufeld Institute)
  • Common Challenges (Power to Parent III-Neufeld Institute)

The Danish way of Parenting

I really enjoyed "The Danish Way of Parenting."  It's a book as much about Danish values and living as it is about parenting.  For over 40 years, the Danes have been voted the happiest people in the world.  This book explores a lot of that and attributes the happiness strongly to how they raise their families.  A+
They use an acronym to illustrate the various points: PARENT





No Ultimatums


Those themes are explored in detail and done well.  I might take issue with a few tiny details in how to best help/support children aspect, but the heart of it is still consistent with what I understand.  Most ideas weren't new, but looking at how they're exercised/experienced was instructive and helpful.  For most of my dear friends/acquaintances, many of the ideas would be quite new.  It also brought home to me how easily I might enjoy this culture/society!