Monday, February 15, 2016

a bit of reading

I mainly skimmed The Dirt Cure since a lot of the info was repeat for me.  I'd like to still suggest it, though, as a good reference for health concerns, feeding kids, helping them not fall into the health pitfalls so many of us are in etc.  I like the end too because there are snack suggestions and some recipes.

I'm strongly impacted by Loving What Is.  There's a lot of depths to be plumbed with her four questions, and in most respects I can find immense wisdom.  I would disagree with perhaps the extent to which it could apply especially when I consider victims of child abuse etc.  I can't go all the way there with the inquiry as far as that might regard a person.  I do see the benefit of therapy and not remaining a victim, for sure!  But some of the turnaround aspects don't ring true when I consider a child's development and mental capacities (even for an adult looking back).  Challenging book!

What's neat also is that has ways to do this process without investing in books.  There are many youtube examples of her walking through the work with other people.  I find examples just as helpful as the concepts on their own.

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