Thursday, March 31, 2016

This one doesn't quite go with the last family/food book I read, but there are some common things like having variety available to our kids.  She also emphasizes all three macronutrient areas available with each snack offered too.  (Our snacks usually only have two of the three when I think about it.)  Her patients come to her for various reasons, so helping kids grow up healthy/strong is just part of it.  She's also dealing with people who are harming themselves with bulimia etc.  So her all around message is that of plenty and to get off the diet wagon.  It is startling that no research backs up dieting as any sort of sustainable health approach.  Doctors still suggest it because they'd still rather see us losing (even if we're gaining back more each time).  Interesting things to think about.  I didn't care for the recipes she gives, but her take on psychology and eating was very instructive.

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