Sunday, June 19, 2016

7 Habits

This version of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits books was most interesting to me so I read it instead of the other variations.  The idea of making a family mission statement seems a little corny sometimes, but I agreed with him ultimately that it could be really helpful.  So we might do that.  I wanted to read  his book(s) because of reference Joshua Becker made to Covey's idea of about big rocks and little pebbles--that we have to put in the big rocks first or it won't all fit in the jar.  Most of us put in those pebbles--the daily tasks that seem important.  It goes back to what's urgent vs. what's actually important.

Another key idea that I heard first from Kim John Payne is Covey's idea of our Circle of Influence vs. our Circle of Concern.  Imagine the Influence residing inside the Concern (realizing our actual reach).  If we focus on the Concern, it crowds out the space our Influence could have.  When focusing on our actual Influence, it expands.

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  1. Love parts of this book. We teach the Circle of Concern/Influence at Work for our new team members.