Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I love Summer Reading!

This book didn't have new information for me, but I think it's a valuable contribution to what's out there for parenting!  I have loved any of her speaking contributions online too.  Tsabary has a book coming out soon called "The Enlightened Family" which I may read.

The More of Less was FANTASTIC.  Joshua Becker really delivered!  I truly enjoy his perspective and blog.  I had so many notes from this latest contribution that it really deserves its own post.  Several of my books are minimalist/simplicity-related so I might unload some of those thoughts later on.
I also read his book Simplify--it has plenty of good advice and is a smaller read.

He mentions in some of his work the 100 Thing Challenge that Dave Bruno did in 2008-9.  I enjoyed that book as well.  He's a little silly in some of the delivery, but there are some true koans there.

I've been an admirer of Leo Babauta's thoughts/blog for a while.  I read one of his books last year as well. This year, I did a few short reads.  The Little Book of Contentment and The Effortless Life.  He always gives lots to chew on.  I don't always end up agreeing with him, but he's perfectly fine with that from what I can tell.  Clutterfree is a short book he did with Courtney Carver.  I liked that one a lot so I read a couple of her other ones: Simple Ways to be More with Less and Living in the Land of Enough.

One final read that was okay: Frugillionaire (from Francine Jay).  It has some ideas worth weighing, but I didn't find much new there.

I have a lot more to say about some of these than I have just now.  I should note that in the minimalist work and even the parenting book, all are coming from some kind of spiritual or mindful perspective.  Many of these writers are Christians, and some are more Eastern in their thoughts.  All are gratefully met here.

A blog that I have spent a little more time with lately is The Art of Simple.  It has all sorts of insights, reading recommendations, simplicity inspiration etc.

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  1. I love Joshua Becker's blog but have never read his books. I imagine they are great.