Sunday, July 17, 2016

7: An Experimental Mutiny against Excess

This wasn't your typical simplicity book.  It was spiritually-focused and relies more on humor than one might guess as a result.  She brings heavy things so Jen Hatmaker also has to balance that.  (Some of it is a bit too silly.) Her areas are clothes, spending, waste, media, food, stress and possessions.  Each of the months had a different use of the number 7.  She wore the same seven items for a month, spent money at only seven places one month, ate only seven foods (I couldn't do this one) for a month, cut out most/all media for a month, observed the seven sacred pauses with the Sabbath etc.  In Waste, she gardened, composted, conserved, recycled, used one care for her family of five, shopped at thrift stores and bought everything local.  Her family wasn't able to stick to the challenges absolutely 100% of the time, but they mostly did.  The clothes and food weren't imposed on her kids, but the others were.  I winced so badly when their seventh grade son had to endure having his skater hair-do shaved by his dad's unskilled clippers because of it all--not sure that was really necessary.  She references some great personal transformations, organizations and authors along the way also.

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