Sunday, July 10, 2016

Shopping Ban: First 10 Days

I probably shouldn't need to do an update, but this ban is a big first for me.

I noticed the same triggers of trying to solve problems around shopping temptations--lots of times!  And for the purchases that were planned and necessary (for the girls starting school etc.), it was a similar feeling.  Those were more sizable purchases, but I felt much better spending money when it was planned.  We did backpacks and shoes which are quality sorts of purchases, but it was easier knowing had I had more resources (--that we weren't fiddling money away on little things everywhere).

It's interesting to note that at least that much pressure came from the girls always asking for things we don't need right now.  We're fairly generous with them just like their other loved ones.  This is a great fix to stem some of the junk/clutter tide as well!  They've done a great job making space lately since gifts have been coming in via birthdays.  So as the holidays come and are sure to bring stuff with them, we're a little more prepared.

Shopping might be a helpful thing to "ban" for another reason: credit card theft/fraud.  My parents had some weird scenarios around this last one, and the provider admitted that right now the hackers seem to be staying ahead of them.  Perhaps swiping isn't the best thing to do right now?  Paying with cash generally means we spend less anyway.

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