Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Update on First Shopping Ban

I have more tinges to buy intellectual or developmental things/digital products than probably anything else.  I get inspired or curious, and then I think I "need" something.  Lately, I'm learning to flex my waiting muscles which is just plain good for my character.  I'm enjoying those library books! :)

I'm grateful for the ban since we've had many extra household needs: a new washer, roto-rooter and a new family room floor (water damage tied to the washer issues).  In many past months, I would've considered these events actually stressful financially.  It's not like we're on easy street, but it's doable.

I'm still saying "no" to shopping, but I'm also saying "yes" for those approved purchases I consider necessary.  The girls need school stuff to get started.  I have a few exercise-connected replacements I had to work in also.  All that feels fine in my conscience.  What's interesting to me is that when I spent unconsciously, I didn't feel "good" about spending on anything.  There was always a little fear involved or a sense that I needed to keep any eye on it.  Now that I keep a much firmer eye on it and genuinely plan, I don't have that fear.

The clarity just keeps on coming with greater simplicity.  I don't find it so hard to make plans and decisions even about spending.  My priorities seem much firmer.  And when I deviate from my daily goals, even that feels okay when I need rest or a break.  This all equates to less stress.  Less stress even though we have a floor to rebuild and spent no-fun sorts of cash on household inconveniences.  (I can also say that the simplicity of our space is such a gift right now--it wasn't hard to move our things around to tear up the floor etc.--not a lot of "stuff" to store/shift.

If you do want a FREE-to-access thinking conundrum, check out a lot of Sam Harris' work.  He's quite a neurologist and is known as a calm, rational atheist.  Here's a talk on free will and why no one has any.  Good Twilight Zone concerns.

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