Sunday, September 4, 2016


Labor Day is a good time to check in and evaluate how the school year is going, now that it has been going on for a month.

We so need the shopping ban back.  I'm too mindless at the moment.

As to that general poor quality: it effects my health too.  Besides the obvious getting sick twice, really I need to get eating and exercise to healthier places.  Enter Chef AJ (along with the other Forks over Knives and McDougall goodness).  She has a lot of great ideas, and I'm enjoying her recipes thus far.  It's not hard for me to be vegan.  I mostly am with minimal effort.  I do enjoy carefully raised eggs and hunted meat, but I can take a break at least.  The no salt-oil-sugar thing seems harsh, but it isn't with some planning.  (I NEVER thought I'd be saying this.)  There are tasty ways to season food without the addictive components.  I might even ween off caffeine and get ALL addictive components out of my life, at least for a while.

And I think I'll need the shopping ban to make sure I don't go off the deep end shopping out of control with the good cookbooks and hacks out there.  Libraries, Mom's cookbooks.  Make a decent Christmas list for loved ones.

Being mindless (aka out of control!) isn't simplicity.  I realized when I evaluated that I haven't taken care of myself well at all.  No outside time, no genuine resting, very little TM, veeeeery little exercise, recees cups.  (So, yeah, I usually avoid gluten and dairy with good reason.)  I can say that mostly this month I slept adequately.

Some parameters help me onto a healthy path.  Mom and Dad gifted me with a fitbit--wow!  That will help me see how many steps I'm really getting.  They are also very supportive with my food changes as they are doing similar/same stuff at home.  I don't know if this could be Eric's speed--it might just be too extreme in terms of being so different from the way he eats unless he felt a strong need.  (It's not an inconceivable leap for me.)  Let's not even mention the girls.

Along the simplicity vein, if you need a place to start, consider Joshua Becker's class, Uncluttered.  You can sign up through tonight!  (Check out this article for a code for 25% off.)  He's very common-sense in his approach to things.


  1. I dearly love my fitbit! Also, have you tried the Reeces Cup recipe from The Kind Diet - they are soooo good, easy to make, and not too unhealthy compared to other desserts and candy.

  2. I will go looking for that recipe one of these days. :) Thanks!