Monday, September 19, 2016

Seasonal Rhythms: Autumn

Seasonal, sustainable living is a priority.  That can come up in terms of reflecting on habits (eg. how we spend our outdoor time, what we eat) and on the flow of our days.  When I come to a change point, usually in my journal I take some time to think about the spirit of that time of year.

This week we enter Autumn (even if the warm days say otherwise).  Pumpkin spice has entered the coffee, people.  There are corn mazes up, and various types of large squash are for sale.  Mums and apples abound, and we're looking at the forecast for when our leaves are supposed to change.

Autumn is so much more, though.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is when we let go.  This is when we distill our lives down to the essence and look at what we learned this cycle/year.  We clarify values and live more fully in accordance with Truth/Heaven.  The chaff falls away as the leaves fall.  What is left?  What is essential?  Here is the perfect time to clear out the old to make room later for new growth, come Spring.  This is also a time for the appreciation of beauty as late Summer ends and for grief.  We must grieve what/whom we lose or let go.

Here's a little ditty.  "Let It Fall" by Over the Rhine.

If your curious about TCM's concepts for the other seasons, check out Larken Bunce's thoughts.  She really consolidates the info and puts ideas into Western frames.  She did a free webinar with Learning Herbs called Thrive in Winter.

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