Thursday, October 13, 2016

Health Update

I started working with a naturopathic doctor who lives in a different city recently and have joined her Candida Cleanse Program.  It's at least 8 weeks, and I'm more than a week through.  The first 10 days are generic cleanse things.  No meats, salt, oil etc. Few grains, almost no legumes.  Lots of fruits and veggies, lots of detox things to do.

But I'm entering Candida Phase 1 of this work next week so we can really get that overgrowth under control.  (Most people have a candida overgrowth, and I think mine is pretty fierce.)  Meats/fats are back in business (which will be odd for me since I've been vegan a while and enjoyed that sans all the beans' gas/bloating).  But essentially no fruit.  Some berries and green apple which is nice, but I'm waiting for clarification in terms of what she means by "fruits."  Also no grains, no potatoes etc.  No prefab anything.  We can do some raw, soaked nuts (except for peanuts, pistachios).

Candida is potentially responsible for so many maladies that I feel really driven to address it strongly.  With my psoriasis/autoimmune issues being so long-standing and so deep, I might have to do this phase longer than other participants.

I do remember that when I ate similarly (but not quite as carefully) that I lost some weight initially.  I was also then eliminating gluten and dairy which was new.  This way of eating was to give my body a break from any inflammation that's typical, and it was a helpful step.  I hope I see a similar drop in inflammation (and weight?).  The psoriasis isn't awful, but my scalp could really use an itch break. :)

She is open to more allergy testing for me if we can't heal my gut this way.

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