Sunday, October 9, 2016

Our Christmas Gift Selections

So the dictum goes, "one thing they want, one thing they need; one thing they wear and one thing they read."  We didn't follow that exactly, but that was our guide.

For the whole family from "Santa"

  • Harry Potter Puzzle
  • Chronicles of Narnia Audiobooks (CDs)

  • Lunar Calendar

For each girl

  • prefered lego set

  • top (Hanna Andersson)
  • sweater (Hanna Andersson)
  • dress (Hanna Andersson)

Girls Flowerful Dress by Hanna Andersson

  • activity books ("color counts" for Z and "color by number" for E)
  • cotton soft sheets (stars, Hanna Andersson)
  • amber necklace (replacement--they have these for pain/headaches)

Hazelaid (TM) 14" Pop-Clasp Baltic Amber Multicolored Necklace

  • picture locket (not real fancy)
  • alarm clock

Equity by La Crosse 70904 Soft Purple Cube LCD Alarm Clock

  • rainbow tattoos

Tattly Temporary Tattoos Rainbow Set

  • kawaii stickers
  • candy of their preference

And that's IT.  It's still a lot.  Quality over Quantity though.

UPDATE 12/23/16: We stuck with that mostly.  We did add a few other audiobook CDs I found used to the Santa gifts that they share--and we kept the calendars for 2017 back until New Years.  I changed the activity book situation when I realized Z really wanted a set of graphic novels--so I got those on ebay and then combined all the activity books (plus a few others I found to be even on the money) for E.

Also, what isn't taken into account here is the little things long the Advent way: we got them some Christmas doggy movies, pajamas, slippers, music CDs and fancy holiday haircuts with hair stuff that cost a pretty penny.

In hindsight, the holiday still felt like too much.  I think Advent will have to be nothing in the way of even small gifts.  When you look at what they received from both sets of grandparents even, they have a LOT.  Then we take into account the family who gave them money plus what they could spend from their allowance--they hit the sales to get more legos and more books after Christmas!  So, while I think Christmas morning was a fairly regulated gift fest, we still haven't figured out this puzzle!

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