Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Joy of Less and The Body Ecology Diet

Library book score again!: The Joy of Less by Francine Jay.
This book is truly a comprehensive guide.  She even teaches her version of a capsule wardrobe.  She has zones like inner space, outer space and deep storage in terms of where/how to place things.  I enjoyed the questions she asked of our things.  "Did I seek you out?  Would I rebuy you if something happened to you?"  We apparently use 20% of our stuff 80% of the time.  That means we could part with probably 4/5 of it--unless we're still pretty enamored on that 20% of the time we like to use that extra.

Consider those time zappers like oil changes, care/repairs, chipped plates, broken vases, mud stains, shopping, cleaners for each type of thing, parts/accessories, dry cleaners etc.

I stumbled a bit onto The Body Ecology Diet.  I needed Donna Gates' site to get some culture starter for veggies as I'm about to make kraut, and I got her book and cookbook to access other ways of doing fermented foods.  I'm in a rut currently that way and my system really needs that support.  In the past, I shopped with Cultures for Health, but an acquaintance was really pointing me towards the Body Ecology stuff so I tried something different.
This book needs to be read more than once, for sure.  I did it once so far.  I'm interested in really incorporating the food combining for optimal digestion.  I read it about it in Healing with Whole Foods, a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on most of our Western maladies.  I'm eating in accordance with that latter book already and mostly with this new one, The Body Ecology diet.  I am still eating nightshades which seems to be at odds with both of these books.

This books deals with healing yourself from the candida overgrowth that plagues one in three adults.  It deals with the themes I'm tackling with Dr. Cheryl.

She goes into eating for blood types and where she agrees and disagrees with those ideas--all very interesting food for thought.

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