Monday, November 21, 2016

Advent Ideas

We try to enjoy Advent as a full season but only do the days in December.  Also in December, we hit some holidays/highlights like St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucia Day and Winter Solstice.  
In the past, we've used calendars with opening paper doors, and we used an Advent spiral with a candle too.  
We have "baggies" with the numbers on them, but last year those even felt superfluous.  We have a little Elf with pockets named Nick the Nisse so I think we'll just stick with him for now.

Christmas movies
Nutcracker (presentation done by our local dance school)
St. Nicholas treats
Write a letter to Santa
make Xmas "craft" (felting?) 
Start Christmas Rose (a story we read each year with daily entries)
make your own Xmas story (write, illustrate)
make wrapping paper (recycle plastic caps and use them with paints on brown butcher paper)
Snowflakes (paint, glitter)
Make snowglobes (maybe?  another craft?
Put together gifts for teachers
Plan and cook dinner for family
Christmas books (library and/or from ours)
Cinnamon ornaments, dried oranges
read a Xmas story
Middle school ELF musical
salt dough ornaments
bedtime pass (stay up)
Xmas haircuts
pick where our charity money goes (which we save all year from allowance)
Go see lights
Sort and donate clothes/toys
Game night with treats
Solstice winter hike
Cookies to neighbors and firefighters
Bake/Cook for Mama D's

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