Sunday, November 6, 2016

Making Sense of Thanksgiving

It's not a big thing, but we'd like the remainder of Fall especially (as we approach Thanksgiving) to shift to more outdoor time and awareness.  Sometimes it's hard to know how to focus around Harvest.  It's not the shift/closing of Halloween, and it's not the bounty of Christmas.  It is a quiet, peaceful time to let go and be grateful though.  Being outside gives so many opportunities for both.

For example, the girls went to Fall Fling at a camp we love.  They are tired but loved it.  They even spent the night!  We weren't sure they'd be up for that, but they loved that part too.  The camp offers beautiful opportunities like these at various points during the year.  They are now anxious for Summer Camp when it comes.


We joined Bluebird Hill Homestead's Earth Warrior Online Nature Club.  I'd love ideas for discussions and things to look for outside.  Heidi Huebner's work is beautiful.  I so hope she'll offer online her personal permaculture webinar again--was soooooo good!  Her ideas are how I make sense of the balances in my life right now.

We went up to the mountains mid-October to enjoy the beauties of Fall also.  We did as much outdoors as we had time for--stopped along the mountain too.

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