Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good for 2017

What seems good for 2017?  Resolutions abound in many areas.  I find it frustrating to attempt to do all I know to help my kids grow to their potential while balancing my needs (which fill me up to help them grow to their potential, ahhhh).  I'm sure we could make lists around so much of what I usually read.  I'm a self-help glutton for sure!  We can make lists around diet, exercise, simplicity, religion/philosophy, family connection, nature connection and preservation.

I think I'm going to work with this word "connection," regardless of how cliche it might seem.  The above vicious cycle around mothering and healthy being is tied up in it, for sure.  Simplicity is too.  If I can connect with myself (in this esoteric balance), I can move consciously (exercise), I can eat consciously (diet), I can do other right actions that help my health and general well-being.  In connecting with my people, I constantly do the good work of marriage and family.  In connection with nature, there goes millions of possible right actions for our only home, our common mother no matter race or creed.

So maybe the point is to be conscious of connection in every moment?  Maybe presence can be a connection experiment for me?

I already do this at school (and check it with healthy boundaries).  With all the data-obsessed nonsense that has become the business of education, a lot of teachers truly have to focus on why we are actually in the classroom.  (It has nothing to do with a spreadsheet, to be sure.)

I notice that my day at school flies by happily and that I face the afternoon so grateful for us all to reunite and to have some "time."  When I get home, this concept of time quickly evaporates around chores, feeding, sibling fights, quick hugs and movements and hope of sleep.

To find the presence, the conscious connection, meditation will be much more important than I have made it in its different forms (TM, yoga, dishes?).  How many times do I need to write that in my journal or type something here to render it done?

In TCM, Winter is the time of silent dreaming.  It's when the seed is beneath the earth sleeping, and we have no idea what will Spring forth later!  Winter is time to dream and to feed this year to come in a way.  What will our contribution be?

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